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sukla Rani
Jun 20, 2022
In Shopping online.
It is no secret that, as consumers, we sometimes receive offers and promotions in a massive way. Proximity marketing will not only make it possible to phone number list only those promotions that are relevant to each individual's profile; It will also ensure that offers are received in real time at the right time and place thanks to geolocation that locates customers in the physical store, for example, through communications through beacons. 4. Non-intrusive communication With proximity marketing, the customer can decide to prepare their mobile device to phone number list information from brands or not. In this way, an intrusive and irrelevant type of communication is avoided. They are competitive advantages that favor the expansion of local businesses both for customer loyalty and for the recommendation or "word of mouth" of the customers themselves. You are ready? SMO positioning, why is it important? By Ipanema phone number list Getting our website to be among the best positions phone number list is not an easy task, and for this reason, we have to use different techniques where SEO is one of the most important parts. But, is it possible to position social networks? The answer is yes. How? Through SMO positioning known as Social phone number list Optimization . Both SEO and SMO serve to generate traffic to our website and thus increase conversion. Do you want to know how this positioning works and why it is important to carry it out? We tell you all the details! What is SMO or Social Media Optimization? Being on social networks is not just about sharing and creating content without further ado . It is essential phone number list specific and measurable objectives have previously been set and, subsequently, create a strategy that allows us to achieve them. It is in this last step where the SMO comes into play ; that is, to devise a strategy in social networks to achieve what the brand has proposed in the short, medium or long term.
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sukla Rani

sukla Rani

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